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project type: architectural imaging [map]
object:Entrance facilities of Mt. St. Michel type:bridge, visitor-center
location:Mont Saint-Michel state:France
architect:Luc Weizman; Paris materials:steel, timber, glass
production:Jul 22, 2014 images:16
The monk's hill seen from close Avranches The Mont Saint Michel seen from the bay's eastside The new bridge was built beneath the old dam, here still in use by tourists The romanic church on top of the hill
The church's quadrum, in background the refektorium The way to the bridge leeds over a new dam The construction is about 2m high about the mudflat The new bridge. Their walkays are wood-planked
Mock-up of bridge-body The first bridge-users have been interviewed by TV The visitor-center is orientated towards the abbey Beneath the center are administration-facilities
All ensemble-buildings own the same cubatur The entrances are located at the front-sides The exhibition has a afloat glass-façade The outer wood-planking is a sun-protection