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project type: architectural imaging [map]
object:Junior University type:children-high-school
location:Wuppertal state:Germany
architect:goedeking niedworok, Wuppertal materials:concrete, metal-box façade
production:Mar 10, 2015 images:13
Junior-University: western view with main-entrance Junior-University: south-west façade Junior-University: southern building-corner and western façade Junior-University: southern building-corner and eastern façade
Junior-University: south-east façade Junior-University: main lobby Junior-University: the lobby can be used as audience-hall as well Junior-University: lobby's reception
Junior-University: behind the reception is a small coffee-bar Junior-University: main stair-house Junior-University: 3rd floor craft-room Junior-University: 3rd floor
Junior-University: 3rd floor classroom in the northwestern corner