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project type: photogrammetry [map]
service:documentation (2011)
customer:Lehrstuhl f. Denkmalpflege, RWTH Aachen
object:historic town hall type:ancient aula regia with residential tower
location:Aachen state:Germany
"Discovery of hot Aachen-sources by roman legate Granus Serenus“ (AB)
Aachen citizen swearing by emperor Barbarossa" (AB)
"Otto III down in the tomb of Charles the Great" (AR)
"Coronation of Louis the Pious" (AR)
"Fall of Irminsul" (AR)
"Entry to Pavia" (AR)
"Battle of Cordoba" (AR)
"God Bacchus is finding Ariadne at Naxos" (JB)
By my engagement at the RWTH University of Aachen I have the task to documentate all wall areas of the historic town hall: in- and outside. One special part of this are eleven historistical wall-paintings called the Rethel-frescoes and made in the 19th century.
They are named in memory to one of their artist: Alfred Rethel (AR). Four other are done by Johann C. Bollenrath (JB) und the last two ones are made by Albert Baur (AB).
The in-scale documentation was necessary for a general restauration of the artwork.