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project type: photogrammetry [map]
service:facadedoc. of tax office and palace chapel (2003)
customer:Hochbauamt Mannheim, Schloss Schwetzingen
object:Schwetzingen Castle type:early classicistic architecture
location:Schwetzingen state:Germany
view of the entrance court
view of the tax office (entrance court)
parkside view of chapel
The changeful history of the Schwetzingen castle is reflected in its individual buildings as well as in the palace garden. The original castle from the 14th century was meant to be a defense building. In the 16th century it was changed to a hunting lodge and 200 years later elector Carl Theodor (1724 – 1799) expanded the castle to his summer getaway and thus started its „golden ages“. After several destructions and reconstructions in previous times Carl Theodor, a downright promoter of science and fine arts gave the castle its outlines which it has preserved until today. Currently the castle's facade is being extensively renovated. It is the aim of the research to verify and reconstruct the original colouring. At the same time all outside facades are photographically recorded and stored as drawn to scale.