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project type: photogrammetry [map]
service:Photogrammetry of medieval city-wall-remainder (2015)
customer:Stadt Aachen, Gebäudemanagement
object:priest's tower wall type:medieval city wall
location:Aachen state:Germany
Pfaffenturmmauer: Aufsicht mit Turm im Hintergrund
priest's tower wall: photogrammetry copping top-view
priest's tower wall: view of visible wall, tower-access-gate on right
priest's tower wall: view of visible wall, left below colour-marker of estate-border
priest's tower wall: photogrammetry visible wall
North of the so called Pfaffenturm (priest’s tower) there is one last part of Aachen’s outer, late-medieval city-wall. In opposite to the much earlier inner one, where still such segments can be found but no gates and towers, the outer wall-belt has today few wall-parts only, but several towers and two gates.
In the frame of an adjoining new-building-construction the City of Aachen decided to refurbish the existing, rare relicts.
According to this I got the order to do the necessary photogrammetry. The task was to document the visible wall-surface and the capping. Last thing was done from the roof-floor of the neighbourhood-house.