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project type: photogrammetry [map]
service:student employee at research project (1994)
customer:Lehrstuhl f. Baugeschichte, RWTH Aachen
object:Maulnes castle type:manneristic castle
location:Cruzy Le Châtel state:France
Ansicht aus der Distanz
sight from north
sight from south
center stairwell
The manneristic castle was erected in 1566 by Earl Antoine de Crussol. Indented as a hunting and pleasure palace its footprint is a regular pentagon. Its well-fortified character from outside has a sensual opposite in its inside. The centre of the complex is an impressive spiral staircase surrounding an open tube whose basis is a basin for natural fount as well. In addition this bowl was fed by roof collected rainwater coming down in a flushing way directed by spouters in the inner stair well.
According to the fact being all rooms are accessible by the central stairway an architectural situation is taking place which can be called “split-level”.