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project type: photogrammetry [map]
service:documentation of the northern ward wall (2001)
customer:Hochbauamt Pforzheim, Dienststelle Maulbronn
object:Maulbronn monastery, world cultural heritage type:monastery
location:Maulbronn state:Germany
western view on monastery court & church
millbridge, not in scale
millbridge, in scale
Photogrammetric documentation of the monastery's northern ward wall. The task was to capture a 350 m long piece of stone wall with respect to deformation and the position of each individual stone. The documentation was carried out equalized to scale, using a scale of 1:20, in 51 photo sheets sized 30x45 cm. The photographs were taken in the format of 6x7 cm with an analogue camera, then scanned and digitally processed. At the same time a digital gauging station recorded measuring points on the object and filed them in a database. This database serves as a basis for the digital correction process. The time frame for this project was 16 working days.