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project type: photogrammetry [map]
service:Photogrammetry of bridges' side-views (2015)
customer:Stadt Aachen, Gebäudemanagement
object:Hanbruch manor type:baroque stone-bridge
location:Aachen state:Germany
Hanbruch manor: main-entrance
Hanbruch manor: southern view entrance-bridge and surrounding
Hanbruch manor: southern view entrance-bridge, isolated
Hanbruch manor: northern view entrance-bridge and surrounding
Hanbruch manor: northern view entrance-bridge, isolated
The so called “Gut Hanbruch” is a baroque manor southwest of Aachen down-town, where its green-zone before the city-forest starts. A riding club is located there. For complex-access a baroque stone bridge has to be passed, which crosses the Johannis-creek (formerly known as Suylis-creek) just in front of manor’s main gate.
The bridge had to be refurbished. According to this I got the order by the City of Aachen to do the necessary photogrammetry. The task was to document both side-views by a several picture.