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project type: photogrammetry [map]
service:orthogonal picture doucumentation
customer:Architektur- und Brandschutzbüro Wald
object:Bischhöfliches Generalvikariat type:cellar-fragment of former Dominican-abbey
location:Aachen state:Germany
basement-sketch of cellar-fragment showing picture-positions
The cellar-fragment was beyond a garden terrace
The new access occoured by neighbooring-building basement-works
inside-view of the new access
The former entrance has been closed with masonry
inner north-western cellar-view, on left the former entrance
The cellar-fragment owned a fireplace
In the 20th century cellar-vault has been supported by steel-beams
Today the former Dominican-abbey and between 1844-1878 foundation-abbey of the nun-order of Sisters of Jesus poor child is hosting the general vicariate (main administration) of Aachen diocese.
During World War II the neo-classical abbey's east-wing was demolished but its cellar remained. In the following (maybe still during the war as shelter) its vaults have been supported by massive iron beams. But its regular entrance was closed with masonry in after-war-times and it felt into oblivion.
By basement-works at the neighbouring building in 2016 a small area of the cellar-vault collapsed and a cellar-window-like access occurred.
In agreement with Aachen preservation department the diocese enacted to document the cellar in orthogonal pictures and to backfill it afterwards.