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project type: graphics design [map]
service:concept of a children's papercraft sheet (2006)
customer:Heimatverein Pro Ingelheim e.V.
object:castle church Ingelheim type:church
location:Ingelheim state:Germany
view on model from northwest
view on model from north
view on model from east
view on model from west
view on model from south
According to children's papercraft sheet I had done of the Aachen cathedral the heritage society of Ingelheim asked me in 2006 to create a similar sheet of the castle church of Ingelheim. This was meant to financially support the restoration works of the church.
All individual parts of the paper model are placed on four A4 sheets which can easily be sent by post in their red envelope. Detailed instructions and a number of photographs are included, as is a solid piece of cardboard which can serve the young and old builders as a ground plate.
The model is on sale at the heritage society of Ingelheim and in several bookshops of the town.
Besides the construction of geometries for the model I was also responsible for the complete graphic and editorial work for the project, including the graphic design of the model surface and the whole outline of the cover with all drawings, texts and photographies.