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project type: graphics design [map]
service:photographic documentation of the building (2005)
customer:Café zum Mohren, Anton Moll, Aachen
object:Haus zum Mohren type:Café
location:Aachen state:Germany
180°-photo second floor
180°-photo first floor
180°-photo ground floor
The building dates from the time immediately after the great fire of 2nd May 1656 which destroyed most of medieval Aachen, leaving only a few essential buildings intact.
Within the building there are still the remains of a wall breakthrough from the date of origin, which was used to move goods in and out. At the beginning of the 18th Century a draper was resident in the house, who used the first floor as a storage room for his precious fabrics. In those times the second and top floor were used for living space. During this period the house got its name „Haus zum Mohren“ which translates „House of the Moor“ and refers to Caspar, one of the Three Wise Men who followed the star of Bethlehem.
In 1994 the empty house was renovated. Considering the protection of historical monuments, the non-structural inner walls were removed and the building was carefully reconstructed to its original state, with its old wooden beams and reveals, its steep steps and the low ceiling of the first floor. Today the three main floors of the house are used as a coffee house and ice cream parlour.