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project type: graphics design [map]
service:reconstruction of the Carolingian situation (1994)
customer:Museumszentrum Kloster Lorsch
object:Aachen Cathedral type:cathedral
location:Aachen state:Germany
photo of the palace chapel-model
In the context of my work with the museum Lorsch I was also asked to reconstruct the state of the so-called palace chapel - today known as the Aachen Cathedral - from Carolingian times. The examination results of several historians were compared against each other in order to create a revised model based on the most coherent details.
In a second step a reference building was assigned to this model, namely San Vitale in Ravenna. For the exhibition a sectional axonometry of the buildings was created. Thus the visitor was presented four different preromanic church designs at the Lorsch museum. It was my task to provide reconstruction and model planning for seven of the eight churches and to draw all axonometries.