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project type: architectural imaging [map]
object:exhibition "MalHaus - MalKasten" type:exhibition in a doctor's surgery
location:urological surgery at the "Malkasten", Düsseldorf state:Germany
architect:W. Brune, D'dorf; exhibition: R. Mehl materials:color-plot on streched canvas
production:May 08, 2008 images:16
external view of the building entrance area main staircase view towards courtyard
lobby and view towards blue waiting area view from blue waiting area to lobby artwork "Media Harbour" seen from downstairs artwork "Media Harbour" seen from upstairs
artwork "Media Harbour" seen from balcony balcony area with partition-shelf artwork "Banks of Rhine" main corridor on first floor
artwork "Mirror of Surgery" entrance to red waiting area portfolio at red waiting area artwork "Base of Gehry Building"