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project type: architectural imaging [map]
object:Arlberg1800 type:Contemporary Art and Concert Hall
location:St. Christoph state:Austria
architect:Jürgen Kitzmüller, Hall/Tirol materials:precast concrete, stained oak, steel
production:Jan 26, 2016 images:24
Arlberg1800: The ensemble persists of two apartment-buildings, the concert-hall and a sport-shop Arlberg1800: eastern total-view of apartment-buildings, concert-hall and sport-shop Arlberg1800: southern total-view of apartment-buildings, concert-hall and sport-shop Arlberg1800: right beside the entrance there is a basement-garage
Arlberg1800: The concert hall's entrance is from outside visible, only Arlberg1800: From outside the concert-hall appears like a mountain-meadow Arlberg1800: The entrance façade is made in Corten-steel Arlberg1800: The concert hall will be entered at the gallery-level
Arlberg1800: the window-grooves allow a view inside the concert hall Arlberg1800: stair to enter the concert hall Arlberg1800: concert hall lobby Arlberg1800: The exhibition hall is part of the concert hall lobby
Arlberg1800: The outer ground wave shapes the inner ceiling Arlberg1800: hall's backing with entrance and gallery Arlberg1800: axial view towards stage Arlberg1800: axial view towards gallery
Arlberg1800: gallery-joint-detail Arlberg1800: concert hall's gallery Arlberg1800: axial stage-view from its gallery Arlberg1800: concert hall's side-view from its gallery
Arlberg1800: curved wall-cladding adapted by a ship's hull Arlberg1800: planked wood-cladding made in stained oak Arlberg1800: backstage area Arlberg1800: The Contemporary Art and Concert Hall offers four artist-studios