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project type: architectural imaging [map]
object:Spelbergs-Busch House type:residential house
location:Bochum state:Germany
architect:bsp Bödecker Schulte Partner materials:refurbishing, HIC-system, VELFAC-windows
production:Mar 07, 2015 images:18
Spelbergs-Busch: Western view Spelbergs-Busch: Southwestern view Spelbergs-Busch: Southern view, in total Spelbergs-Busch: Southern view, close
Spelbergs-Busch: Southern view, detail Spelbergs-Busch: Southeastern view Spelbergs-Busch: southern corner window Spelbergs-Busch: outdoor terrace window-unit
Spelbergs-Busch: indoor terrace window-unit Spelbergs-Busch: outside opening terrace door, outer handle-view Spelbergs-Busch: outside opening terrace door, fitting Spelbergs-Busch: outside opening terrace door, handle-detail
Spelbergs-Busch: living-room Spelbergs-Busch: kitchen Spelbergs-Busch: staircase Spelbergs-Busch: bathroom with shower-niche
Spelbergs-Busch: bathroom with window-flushed tub Spelbergs-Busch: parents' bedroom